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Middleton Urological Associates offers comprehensive urologic care for men, women and adolescents. Our physician’s knowledge and ability stems from years of experience, coupled with the most up-to-date medical training available. Medicine in today’s environment can seem impersonal, which is why we take the time to offer sensitive solutions and individual options to each patient. At Middleton Urological, personal care is our first concern.

Personal care begins with doctors who have committed their expertise to a patient’s well-being. Our physicians have a combined total of 66 years practical experience. They are at the top of their profession academically, and are comfortable with the most current medical technology. Their surgical skill and innovation have provided patients with significantly fewer complications. In a field where your choice of doctor can make an enormous difference, our physician’s experience counts.

Personal care is also evident in our many procedures and services, which allow each patient to receive individualized attention. In addition to screening for, diagnosing and treating urological disorders (including cancer), we perform urodynamics. Using a state-of-the-art machine, we gain an in-depth evaluation of bladder function and identify potential problems for both men and women. This combination of modern technology and time-honored medical tradition is what makes Middleton Urological so unique.

Your health is important to us. When you visit a physician, you want to be considered as more than another medical case – you want to feel cared for. You want to be sure you are receiving the best treatment possible. At Middleton Urological, not only are you confident in our physician’s abilities, you know that personal care is our first concern.

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